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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Managing your Tasks : Managing assigned tasks : Making tasks re-available

Making tasks re-available

Tasks available to your group with Any option, can be assigned to you by yourself or your manager.
After the task is assigned to you, if you want to reassign it, then you can:
*Assign the task to a particular member of your group. To reassign a task, refer Reassigning tasks.
*Make the task available to all the members of that group.
To make tasks re-available:
1. Select the tasks you want to make re-available.
Important: In the Task List page, the tasks that can be made re-available are marked with an asterix in the Make Re-available column.
2. Click Make Available.
Business Process Portal makes the task available again to the original group. It appears in the Available Tasks list for the group. The task is removed from your Task List.