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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Managing Alerts

Managing Alerts

In Business Process Portal, an Alert is a form of notification to an application user of a predefined event, such as change in the status of a process instance or an exceptional condition being satisfied in the process instance. The user is notified of the alert, through e-mail.
To perform any action on these alerts, you must switch from your email client to Business Process Portal.
Application Developers define alerts using Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. The recipient of the defined alert is selected in the Alerts content pane tab of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. For information on defining alerts, see Chapter 17: "Using Alerts" in OpenEdge Getting Started: Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio.
Alerts defined in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge are published to Business Process Portal from the process engine and rule engine components of Business Process Server.
An external application can also send an alert to Business Process Server. For more information about sending alerts from an external system, see Alerts from external application.
* Viewing alerts
* Notifying users
* E-mailing the alert message
* Viewing Process Status in Flow View
* Managing alert subscription
* Removing alerts
* Alerts from external application