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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Managing Alerts : Managing alert subscription

Managing alert subscription

By default, Business Process Portal sends alerts to you for all installed applications, provided you are in the recipient list of the alert. Alert Subscription allows you to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to alerts at application level. After unsubscribing, you will receive alerts for only those applications, which you have subscribed.
Note: You can subscribe to/unsubscribe from alerts of external application also.
To update alert subscription:
1. Click Preferences > Alerts to display the Alert Subscription page.
This page indicates the applications, whose alerts you have subscribed, with selected checkboxes.
2. To unsubscribe, clear the checkbox for the application from which you do not want to receive alerts. Alternatively, to subscribe, select the check box for the application.
3. Click Save Subscription to save your subscription settings.
Click Reset to discard your changes.