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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Setting Preferences : Delegate tasks : Delegating tasks

Delegating tasks

To configure the Delegate Settings, perform the following:
1. Click Preferences > Delegate Settings.
The Delegate Settings page appears.
2. If you want to delegate all your tasks to a single user, then specify the user name in the Delegate all tasks to box.
Alternatively, for each application, you can specify the user name to whom that application should be delegated in the Delegated To box. If needed, you can search and add users for delegating all tasks or delegating application-wise tasks. For more details, see Searching Users.
3. In the Application list, click the application to be delegated.
4. Select the checkbox in the Disable Delegation column, if you want to disable delegation of tasks in a particular application.
Select the check box in the Disable Delegation column header to disable delegation of all the tasks in all the application, that would be assigned to you.
Note: You can delegate only at application level, and not at a specific task level. All the tasks in an application are delegated to the specified user.
5. Specify the start and end dates of delegation period in the Start Date and End Date boxes.
Alternatively, click the Date Selector icon () to set the respective start date or end date. For more details, see Specifying a Date.
The delegation settings are valid only for the specified period. If you want to delegate for a different period, then you must repeat this procedure. For example, consider that you have defined one set of delegation for January 15, 2007 – January 29, 2007. Now if you want to define delegation settings for January 29, 2007 – February 5, 2007, then you must repeat the procedure.
6. To add rows for delegating more applications, click Add 5 Rows.
To remove unwanted rows, select their respective check boxes in the first column, and then click Delete Rows.
7. Click Save.
Your settings are saved.