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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Setting Preferences : Delegate tasks

Delegate tasks

Delegation is normally used when you plan your absence for an anticipated period of time. In the case of unplanned absence, your Business Process Server Administrator can delegate your tasks.
If your task list contains tasks assigned to you and tasks delegated to you, and if you want to delegate your tasks to another performer, then only the tasks assigned to you, can be delegated. Tasks delegated to you cannot be re-delegated to the other performer. However, your Business Process Server Administrator can delegate those tasks to another performer. Refer to the "Delegating Tasks to Users" section of the Business Process Portal Administrator’s Guide for more information.
While working on your assignment, if you realize that you are unable to perform your tasks, then you can delegate all or some of your applications to one or more users. You can define your delegation preferences in the Delegate Settings page, so that you need not manually reassign your individual tasks.
The Delegate Settings page offers two delegation options to you. The first option is to delegate all assigned tasks (irrespective of the application) to a single user. Alternatively, you can delegate specific applications individually to multiple users. For example, tasks of "Approval" application can be delegated to User1. However, in this option, tasks belonging to applications, which are not delegated, remain assigned to you.
* Delegating tasks