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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Using Management overview features

Using Management overview features

The Management module of the Business Process Portal is organized into a series of Web pages utilizing applets to enable you to quickly and efficiently manage Business Process Server applications. This chapter describes procedures that enable you, as a Manager, to monitor and update Business Process Server applications and process instances by performing the following functions:
*Viewing the details of all the tasks, by displaying all instances for all applications, and for all worksteps of all states, or using the filtering functions to view the status of specific task for a selected application.
*Checking the Status of an Instance, by displaying all instances for all applications, or using the filtering functions to view the status of specific instances for a selected application. You can also dynamically update the worksteps and work items of an instance, and print the current status of the instances.
*Updating Worksteps and Work items, dynamically modifying an active or suspended workstep or work item without leaving the Management module.
*Checking the Status of an Application, by selecting an application and reviewing its status. You can also view and update its global dataslots, as well as modify and send workstep instructions to other users of the selected application.
Note: See Introducing the Management Module for an introduction to the Management interface. See Creating and executing reports in Business Process Portal for detailed information about using the Reports function to define and execute reports.
* Viewing Tasks Overview page
* Viewing Instances Overview page
* Viewing Instance History
* Checking the Status of an Application