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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Using Management overview features : Viewing Instance History

Viewing Instance History

Business Process Server maintains a complete transactional audit of a process instance, in the form of events in the database. These events capture changes in the process instance status, as well as dataslots. You can view these instance history details from the Audit History page. To view the audit instance history, from the Instances Overview page, click the Audit History icon for the process instance, whose information is to be viewed. Alternatively, click the Audit History link from the Tabular View or Flow View of a process instance. The Audit History page is displayed, comprising of the Header section and the Details section. This page and the procedures you can follow using this page are identical to the Audit History page you can access in the Home module. For more information, see "Chapter 7, Working with My Instances" in the Business Process Portal User’s Guide. In the Audit History page, the values for the Completed on, Total duration and Elapsed time fields can be seen only by the user with managerial privileges when all tasks of that process instance are completed.