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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Using Management overview features : Checking the Status of an Application : Updating Application Information

Updating Application Information

The Application Information feature in the Management module enables you to provide information about an application to the application users.
You can provide the information as a plain text or as a link. The information you specify here is displayed in the Information column on the Applications page of the Home module.
To use the Application Information feature:
1. In the Management module, click Overview > Applications. The Application Overview page is displayed.
2. Click the Tabular icon in the Tabular column or the Flow icon in the Flow column. The Tabular or Flow view is displayed.
3. Click the Application Information link. The Application Information page is displayed, as shown below. By default, three rows are displayed.
4. Specify comments or other details in the Information box.
Optionally, specify a URL in the corresponding URL box. If you specify a URL, then the text you specify in the Information box is displayed as a hyper link which leads to this URL.
5. To add rows, click Add 3 Rows. A set of three rows are automatically added.
To delete one or more rows, select the checkbox for each row you want to remove and click Delete Rows.
6. Click Save to save the changes.
To reset the form and remove the information you just entered, click Reset. To cancel the action and exit the current page, click Cancel.