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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Using Management overview features : Checking the Status of an Application : Modifying Global Dataslots

Modifying Global Dataslots

Global dataslots are application-level dataslots that occur in each process instance of the application. In previous releases, dataslot values were limited to individual process instances.
To view and/or dynamically update dataslot information globally (i.e., at the application level), from the Management module:
1. In the Management module, from the Application Overview page, click the application name to display Global Dataslots page; or click the Tabular or Flow icon and then click Global Dataslots to display the Global Dataslots page. The Global Dataslots page displays all the global dataslots in that application.
2. Modify the information in the activated boxes as required.
3. Click Save to save your changes. Business Process Server reloads the page and automatically updates the values across all process instances.
To reset the form and remove the information you just entered, click Reset. To cancel the action and exit the current page, click Cancel.