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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Using Management overview features : Checking the Status of an Application : Using the Heatmap : Calculating Range
Calculating Range
There are two steps involved in calculating the range (lower bound and upper bound) of values of each bin.
Perform the following to calculate range:
1. Calculate the binSize by dividing the total number of process instances with total number of bins. The total number of bins are always 9.
Refer Heatmap Algorithm.
That is binSize = total process instance count / total number of bins
2. Calculate the Range (Lower bound and Upper bound) of values of each bin as
a. The Lower bound value is - binIndex times binSize, mathematically rounded.
b. The Upper bound value is - binIndex plus one times binSize, mathematically rounded.
For example, if there are 18 instances of an application, then the binSize of that heatmap is
binSize = 18/9 = 2
The range of values stored by the 1st bin is, that is bin index of 0.
*Lower bound = (0 * 2) = 0
*Upper bound = (0 + 1) * 2 = 2
The range of the 1st bin (bin with index of zero) would be greater than zero and less than 2.The range of the 2nd bin (bin with index of one) would be greater than 2 and less than 4.
Important: Note that the bin value zero is considered as a separate bin and Business Process Portal displays these process instances in gray in heatmap.