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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing users : Managing user accounts

Managing user accounts

Business Process Server enables you to manage user accounts by displaying user information, adding new users, removing users, updating existing user information, and adjusting Business Process Portal Configuration display for each user.
You manage users in the Administration module of Business Process Portal by using the User List page as illustrated in Displaying user information. Depending on the user realm you selected during installation, you can:
*Display information about a user (all realms).
*Search for a user or set of users (all realms).
*Create and remove users (only in JDBC realm).
*Update user information (with limitations in LDAP realm).
*Add/remove permissions for a user, including administration and manager privileges (all realms).
*Configure Business Process Portal links associated with a user (all realms).
* Displaying user information
* Creating users
* Deleting users
* Updating user information
* Viewing group memberships
* Viewing queue memberships
* Managing user permissions
* Refreshing user cache