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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing users : Managing user accounts : Refreshing user cache

Refreshing user cache

In OEBPS user cache techniques are introduced to cache the user details. LDAP is an existing system, when there is any changes done to LDAP system, for example, user's first name, then OEBPS is unaware of the changes. To reflect the LDAP changes in OEBPS portal immediately, OEBPS cache needs to be refreshed using BPServerAdmin command removeuserfromcache <username>
1. To notify the OEBPS about the LDAP changes for the user, OEBPS cache should be refreshed by following the steps below:
a. Open the BPServerAdmin console using the command startBPServerAdmin.cmd from OEBPS_Home>\bin.
b. To refresh the user cache, execute the command removeuserfromcache <username> <username> for which the changes has been done.
2. Navigate to Administration > User Management > Users page. The changes on LDAP will be reflected.
3. Refresh the page. The changes on LDAP is reflected.