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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing users : Managing user accounts : Updating user information

Updating user information

To update Business Process Server user information:
1. In the User List page, click the user name link in the User Name column, whose details you want to update.
The User Details page appears.
2. In the Admin Password text box, enter the Business Process Server administrator’s password.
You must enter this password again, if you want to change the user’s password.
3. In the User Details section, enter/modify the relevant data as necessary.
If the user has made any change(s) in the assigned business calendar, then the name of the default calendar is displayed as "Custom Calendar". If you change this default calendar, then the new calendar is assigned as the default calendar and the changes made by the user are lost.
Note: The user name must contain only alphanumeric characters and underscore (_), and it must start with an alphabetic character.
You cannot change the password forLDAP and LDAP hybrid realm.
In LDAP and LDAP hybrid realms, you may notice that some information fields are inactive and therefore you cannot edit or update fields that include: "Last Name", "First Name", "Email", and "Phone".
If you set the multiuser.credetial parameter to "true" and the appuser.credential parameter to "false" in the file, then you must specify the DMS username and its password.
4. Click Save to save the changes and go back to the previous page.
Optionally, you can click:
*Delete to delete the current user.
*Reset to reset the form and remove the information you just entered.
*Cancel to cancel the action and exit the current page.