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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Configuring BP Server : Using the email server configuration interface : Email server configuration parameters

Email server configuration parameters

Table 16 presents the configuration parameters for Email server, a description of use, along with default values, if applicable.


Table 16. Email server configuration parameters
Parameter name
Default value
BP Server Email ID
The e-mail ID for BP Server to send e-mail notifications and receiving the user’s e-mail for completing the work item.
System Admin Email ID1
The email ID of system administrator to send email notifications during some system problems.
The protocol used to receive the mails from the mail server, i.e. values could be IMAP/POP3. An optional property, the default is IMAP if a default property is not specified.
Port number for outgoing mail server
The port number of the outgoing mail server.
User customized Email Adapter Sender Class1
The full name of the class used as an Email Adapter’s sender class.
Email Server1
The name of the mail server where the mailbox of is located.
Check e-mail frequency
The e-mail check frequency in milliseconds.
Temporary attachment path1
The path for temporarily saving the documents attached in e-mail.
Debug flag for Email Session
The flag that controls the e-mail session logging.
Debug flag Email Components
The flag that controls the e-mail component logging.