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User's Guide
Setting workstep properties : Defining a Rollback : Using the Compensation Flow connector

Using the Compensation Flow connector

You can use the Compensation Flow connector (see Connecting worksteps) to define the workflow in case of a rollback.
To define a compensation flow:
1. Click the Connect Shapes link in the Tasks pane, to view the three supported Flow types.
2. Click the Draw compensation flow connector icon () and connect the workstep that initiates the rollback to the rollback point workstep from where the workflow is restarted.
An example of a rollback is shown in Figure 10, in which Activity 5 initiates the rollback and Activity 1 is the Rollback Point.
Figure 10. Example of a Process with Rollback and Timeout
Inserting a Compensation Flow automatically makes the target workstep the rollback point. As seen in Figure 10, the Rollback Point workstep is marked with a icon and the start of the Compensation Flow link is indicated by the icon.