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User's Guide
Getting started with Business Process Modeler : Starting Business Process Modeler

Starting Business Process Modeler

Business Process Modeler uses the Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a comprehensive cross-platform environment to provide a stable, universal platform for application development. This open, scalable, and standards-based development environment reduces the time spent in application development and supports a user’s choice of version control system and application server. The current version of Business Process Modeler is based on the Eclipse Foundation SDK (version 3.7) IDE.
To start Business Process Modeler:
1. From the Start menu, select Programs > Progress > OpenEdge > Process Modeler, to open a blank Business Process Modeler GUI in the Progress OpenEdge Business Process Modeler perspective.
2. Use the File menu to perform the following operations:
Table 5. Process Modeler Operations
For more information, see
New > BPM Project
Creates a new BPM project.
New > Process Model or New > Web Application
Creates a new BPM Process or Web application.
New > Simulation Project
Creates a simulation project.
To browse to an existing process in your Workspace_Home folder; or in another location of your existing processes.
Note: To access or use Business Process Modeler, you must have a valid license. For the stand-alone Business Process Modeler, your administrator can grant you specific permissions. For more information on Licenses, contact our Product Support Team.