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BP Server Developer's Guide
Business calendar : Business calendar tags : Non-working time tags : Year-specific holidays
Year-specific holidays
Year-specific holidays are always qualified for the specified year.


An example of the year-specific holiday is shown below:
<holidays year="2011">
    <holiday name="Company Annual Event" month="Nov" day="18"/>
The above example shows that the Company Annual Event takes place on a different date each year, and in the year 2011, it falls on November 18. The year-specific holidays can also be day-specific, as explained in the case of Fixed holidays.
Note: Some year-specific holidays can be half-day holidays. Refer to Half-day holidays.
Even when a particular year has no year-specific holidays, you must define the empty tags as shown below:
<holidays year="2011"/>
This is the only way to indicate that calendar entries are to be generated and persisted for the year 2011.
You can specify working and non-working time for a range of years also. You need to add a separate year tag for each of the year of that year range. An example of year range tags for the year range from 2011 to 2014 is shown below.
<holidays override="true" year="2011"/>
<holidays override="true" year="2012"/>
<holidays override="true" year="2013"/>
<holidays override="true" year="2014"/>