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BP Server Developer's Guide
Business calendar

Business calendar

In Business Process Server, the due date for any task is calculated by adding the duration of the task specified in the process template, to the time the task is activated. Many applications need to take specific actions whenever a task is not completed by the due date. It means that the due date calculation must be accurate and realistic. The due date is calculated according to the working schedule of the performers of the task, and should take into account the business hours, business days, holidays, and weekends.
Business Process Server provides the Business Calendar feature where a number of business calendars can be defined enabling BP Server to compute the correct due date based on the system, group or user business calendars as applicable.
Business Calendar supports the following features:
*Business calendar definition using XML
*Multiple calendars across different time zones
*Country-specific format
*APIs for due date calculation
*Import and export utilities for the business calendar data
*J2EE compliance
* Business calendar tags
* Multiple calendars
* Calculating the due date
* Calculating the duration
* BP Server API for due date calculation
* BizCalendar SVO