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BP Server Developer's Guide
Business calendar : Multiple calendars

Multiple calendars

Business Process Server supports multiple calendars for individual users and groups, in addition to the default system calendar.

System calendar

When the Business Process Server administrator creates a particular calendar, the calendar can be set as the default system calendar. The SBM_CALENDAR table records whether a particular calendar is a "system" calendar or not. The different calendars associated with the users and groups use separate relationship tables.
When a new user or group is created, the default calendar for the newly created user or group is the system calendar. The Business Process Server administrator sets the calendar for the users and groups. Some users may or may not have their own calendars.
Note: If a user does not want to use the calendar function, then in the configuration file bpserver.conf, the parameter bpserver.calendar can be set to "false".
* Precedence for calendars