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BP Server Developer's Guide
Business calendar : BP Server API for due date calculation

BP Server API for due date calculation

Sometimes the due date of a workstep instance or work item needs to be changed.

APIs provided

BP Server already provides the following APIs to change the due date value.
*WorkStepInstance.setDueDate(DateTime newDueDate)
*WorkItem.setDueDate(long newDueDate)
With the Calendar support, BP Server now provides the following additional APIs to calculate the due date using the specified business calendar or using the system calendar.
*Calendar WorkStepInstance.getBizDate(String calName, long startTime, long duration)
*Calendar WorkStepInstance.getBizDate(long startTime, long duration)
If no calendar name is provided, then the API uses the system calendar. If there is no system calendar found, then the result of addition of startTime and duration is returned.
For WorkItem Smart Value Object (SVO), similar APIs are provided.