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BP Server Developer's Guide
Process instance migration : Migration mapping : Workstep mapping

Workstep mapping

A migration configuration includes workstep mappings and dataslot mappings. Workstep mapping from the source template to the target template are described below. It is also possible to define only the changes. For example, as shown in Figure 2, you need to provide the workstep mapping only for worksteps that are removed, newly added, or where the workstep name is changed.
Figure 2. Workstep mapping
Business Process Portal captures the workstep mapping information and generates the corresponding XML markup as follows:
    <Workstep source="Workstep2"/>
    <Workstep source="Workstep3" target="NewNameWorkstep3"/>
    <Workstep source="Workstep4"/>
The XML markup captures only the changes for worksteps, and the newly added worksteps in the target process template are not included in it.