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BP Server Developer's Guide
Process instance migration

Process instance migration

In a dynamic organization, processes continuously keep changing. In many cases, the cost of ownership of processes can be significantly controlled if changes can be applied readily to the running instances of processes. Business Process Server provides the feature of Process Instance Migration, allowing for bulk migration of instances of processes from one version to another.
A business process instance can be migrated to another version only when all its active workstep instances have human performers. If a business process instance has any active workstep of type Adapter or WebService or Subprocess, then the instance cannot be migrated to the new version.
Note: Once the instances are migrated to the target, the instances in the source template still exist. However, they are suspended. You can undo the process instance migration if you know the ID of the migration. Refer to the Business Process Portal Administrator’s Guide for more information.
* Migration features
* Migration architecture
* Migration mapping
* Filters for migration
* Migration run