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BP Server Developer's Guide
Working with Monitoring process : Overview


OpenEdge BPM enables organizations to seamlessly automate processes, provides end-to-end visibility into process execution, and helps analyze them and identify areas for improvement. However, not all processes are automated using BPM platform. Many processes are already automated using custom or packaged applications like ERP, CRM, or legacy applications. Businesses need tools that enable Operational Responsiveness without the need to necessarily automate a process using BPM. A Monitoring Process uses the Business Events from an organization to "monitor" the actual business process on the BPM platform, irrespective of where and how the process is executed. Figure 36 shows a schematic representation of monitoring process.
Figure 36. Monitoring process
The actual process can be executed on a packaged application, a legacy application, or it could be a semi-automated activity. However, as the monitoring process is executed and moves from one state to the next, Business Process Server can capture monitoring information, which provide an end-to-end visibility into the process for business users.