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BP Server Developer's Guide
E-mail templates for task completion : Text e-mail template : E-mail templates locations and file format

E-mail templates locations and file format

Location of default templates:


User defined custom templates:


Template file name format

Assigned WorkItems: assignedwi.etl
Available WorkItems: availablewi.etl
The suffix "etl" stands for "E-mail Template Language". When there is no custom template defined for a workstep, then BP Server constructs the e-mail content using the default template. If you change the default templates’ file names, then no mails are sent for task completion. Therefore, it is recommended that you should not change the default templates’ file names.
The default templates assignedwi.etl and availablewi.etl are used to construct the e-mail when there are no custom templates defined for a workstep.

Sample e-mail template for a workstep

Dear admin

We would like to inform you that a new task ${PCTX.WORKITEM_ID} is
assigned to you. The product ${PROD_ID} with the description ${PROD_DESC}
found to have less inventory. So we would like to place the order ${ORD_QTY}
for the mentioned product to meet the customer requirements.

However, please let us know your requirements for the mentioned product
with proper details so that we can place one order for the combined quantity.
Please enter the required values within the square brackets.

Input DataSlots:
{PROD_ID} = ( ${PROD_ID} )
$PROD_DESC} = ( ${PROD_ID} )

Output DataSlots:
{ORD_QTY} = [ ]
{REQ_DATE} = [ ]

Thanks and Regards

Purchase Manager