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BP Server Developer's Guide
E-mail templates for task completion : Text e-mail template : E-mail template viewer

E-mail template viewer

One way of testing and verifying the template files is to use it with a process template. But this requires a lot of time and effort in setting up the e-mail server, e-mail account, creating the test application etcetera.


A command-line utility TemplateViewer can be used to verify the default or custom templates. This utility creates an instance of the template using the input and output dataslots of the specified work item and writes the entire instance to a file. Using this utility you can fix any errors or format issues of the template before publishing it for the production. This utility is available in %OEBPS_HOME%\bin.
TemplateViewer [OPTIONS]
    -u: Username to connect to the BP Server
    -p: Password to connect to the BP Server
    -wi: Workitem ID
    -f: [OPTIONAL] File name to write the template instance.


TemplateViewer.cmd –u ebms –p ebms –wi 12345 –f c:\oebps_home\mytemplate.txt