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BP Server Developer's Guide
Process instance migration : Migration mapping : Dataslot mapping

Dataslot mapping

In dataslot mapping, the changes include dataslot name changes, type and size changes, removed dataslots in the source, and also the newly added dataslots in the target process template. The newly added dataslots in the target template are required for updating the newly added dataslot values in the database table with the default value specified.
The Figure 3 shows a sample dataslot mapping.
Figure 3. Dataslot mapping
Business Process Portal and other applications capture this information and generate XML markup as follows:
    <Dataslot source="Dataslot1" target="Dataslot3"/>
    <Dataslot source="Dataslot2"/>
    <Dataslot source="Dataslot3" target="Dataslot7"/>
    <Dataslot source="Dataslot4"/>
    <Dataslot target="Dataslot9"/>
If the target process template includes a dataslot, process instances of the target process template will have the default value.