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BP Server Developer's Guide
E-mail templates for task completion : HTML e-mail templates : Custom HTML e-mail template : Custom templates using form fields
Custom templates using form fields
For this type of template, the file name can be specified dynamically by using the "FormName" field of the Workstep Properties.

Setting values withing fields

The value of the "FormName" field can be a file name ending with "_assigned.htl", "_assigned.etl" or a mapped dataslot name. In the case of mapped dataslots, BP Server gets the template file name from the mapped dataslot at runtime. If you specify a file name other than the recommended ones (even in for the mapped dataslots), then it is ignored.
If a workstep is assigned to user(s), group(s) or queue(s), then assigned task e-mails are sent using only the "_assigned" template file name.
If a workstep is available to user(s), group(s) or queue(s), then e-mails for both, available task and assigned tasks, are sent. The assigned tasks e-mail is generated using the "_assigned" template file name. While generating an e-mail for an available task, BP Server looks for a template having the same name as that of the assigned template except that the string "_assigned" is replaced with "_available", in the same location. If such a file is found, then BP Server uses that template for sending the available task e-mail. If such a file is not found, then a check is made for a custom available template; if that also is not found, then it uses the default available template.