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Application Developer's Guide
Developing management applications to control infopads

Developing management applications to control infopads

Business Process Server offers Business Process Portal users an application framework for developing management applications to control infopad data. Typically, Business Process Server application data is stored in application-specific infopads as well as in user-defined dataslots in the process repository. You can view and update user-defined dataslot values using the Process Status Viewer in the Management module of Business Process Portal, and can change infopad slot values in the Infopads page of the Management module. You can use the information in this chapter to create advanced management applications that enable you to control and manipulate infopad data.
Note: For basic information on creating and editing the infopad and its properties, refer the OpenEdge Getting Started: Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio. For basic information on changing infopad slot values, "Using the Infopad Manager" in the Business Process Portal Manager’s Guide.
The framework and approach described in this chapter can be used to reduce the time and effort taken to create these infopad management applications. The framework consists of the following components:
*Creating a custom HTML application to manipulate infopad data using only HTML.
*Creating a Java applet to develop an interface for controlling infopad data in a Java applet.
Why create a management application? Imagine the following scenario. You have a purchasing process that requires every purchase request over $1500 to secure a secondary authorization. However, due to an acquisition, your company’s policy changes so that only purchases over $2000 require secondary authorization. Instead of hard-coding this value in BP Server, you might store the value in an infopad. Using the management application framework, you can easily create a custom application to allow managers to change this and other infopad values.
* Creating a custom HTML application
* Creating a Java applet
* Parameter values for applet HTML file definitions