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Application Developer's Guide
Developing Business Process Server adapters

Developing Business Process Server adapters

Adapters are non-human performers of worksteps that are typically a code that connects Business Process Server to databases, third party softwares, or other systems.
An adapter allows Business Process Server applications to invoke external Java classes residing on the BP Server (on remote/local machines) to perform a task. For example, when you add the E-mail Managed Adapter included with the Business Process Server installation to the process template, Business Process Server automatically inserts the Java class and method as the performer of the Adapter workstep, enabling task automation. In addition to the predefined adapter, you can develop and write your own adapters.
The BP Server provides the following functionalities:
*Single method to obtain input dataslot values. As an application developer, you can obtain the values of all the input dataslots by defining a single method setAllInputDataslots(Hashtable).
*Single method to send output dataslot values. You can send all the output dataslot values to the BP Server in a single method call by implementing Hashtable getAllOutputDataslots().
*Obtain run-time process information from the adapter. You can obtain run-time information about a process by implementing setProcessContextData(Hashtable).
*Dynamic reloading of adapters. You can dynamically reload the adapter classes from BP Server without having to stop the BP Server. This is not supported when the Adapter workstep has an Object dataslot (Minimum JDK Requirement: JDK 1.2.).
* About BP Server adapters
* Developing adapters
* Data mapping
* Using the setProcessContextData method
* Dynamic reloading of adapters
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