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Application Developer's Guide
Developing Business Process Server adapters : Developing adapters

Developing adapters

An adapter is a piece of Java code that connects Business Process Server to external systems or performs complicated calculations, including databases, third party software tools, or hardware devices. The most important requirement is that external systems must have an API with which the adapter can communicate.
This API can be in C, C++, Java, or other languages/formats supported by Business Process Server. If the API is in Java, then you invoke the Java methods from the Java adapter. Note that it might be required to include the JAR files of the external system in your CLASSPATH environment variable.
Note: If the API is in C or C++, then you require special Java wrappers (JNI wrappers) for the Java adapter to invoke C/C++ functions.
* Defining set/get methods (setters and getters)
* Adapter interface
* Using setAllInputDataslots and getAllOutputDataslots
* Handling adapter exceptions
* Creating adapters that call a C function through JNI