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Application Developer's Guide
Developing Business Process Server adapters : Developing adapters : Adapter interface

Adapter interface

Business Process Server provides an interface called AdapterInterface under common.jar. The adapter can extend this interface to extend the new functionality. The interface is provided by the following segment code:
import java.util.*;
*interface with methods that need to be implemented in Adapter workstep
*to take advantage of the new features supporting EP_LIBRARY.
public interface AdapterInterface
{    /*
        * updates all the output dataslots passed in a hashtable
    public Hashtable getAllOutputDataslots();
            * Returns all the input dataslots in a hashtable
    public void setAllInputDataslots (Hashtable inputDS);
    * Returns the information related to the current workstep in a
    * hashtable.
    public void setProcessContextData (Hashtable processCtx);
Note: Include the common.jar file from OEBPS_HOME\lib in the CLASSPATH.