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Application Developer's Guide
Developing Business Process Server adapters : About BP Server adapters

About BP Server adapters

Adapters are objects executed remotely and run on a separate, external JVM. The communication for a remote adapter in BP Server is performed using the JNDI protocol. This protocol is specified during the design time on the performer tag of the Adapter workstep by the following syntax:
jndi //machinename/jndiname of ejb
where machinename is the machine name where the object resides, and jndiname is the name by which the EJB is binded to the JNDI registry.
Note: To use this feature with WebLogic application server, ensure that the WebLogic security settings are configured as described in the "Modifying WebLogic Security Settings" section of the Business Process Server Developer’s Guide.
Adapter worksteps in BPM Designer are of two types: synchronous and asynchronous. By design, all Adapter worksteps in Web applications are synchronous.
* Synchronous adapters