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Application Developer's Guide
Developing Balanced Scorecard applications : Balanced scorecard infopads : Defining rule file syntax for balanced scorecard infopads : BalancedScorecard infopad rule file syntax
BalancedScorecard infopad rule file syntax
The main scorecard, called BalancedScorecard, holds the overall score and is defined as follows.


BalancedScorecard := new persistent
This defines the infopad with an unspecified number of rows ([]). One row is created for each time period, usually months. The only slot value needed here is the overall score.
This action follows the same row naming convention as the FinanceInfopad and other perspectives.
BalancedScorecard.addColLabels("Scores", list{"Scores"});
This adds a label for the column, not very useful in BPM Events but a good feature for the infopad display in other components.
BalancedScorecard[1][1].Score := 7.3969193;
This updates the first row with some default value.
The last item in the Initialization section is to schedule the event which triggers the rule to add a row to all the necessary infopads.
This line schedules an event to be triggered on the last day of the month the rules were loaded in. The event adds a row to the necessary tables at the end of the month. Please see the BPM Events User’s Guide for additional information on the schedule action.