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Application Developer's Guide
Developing Balanced Scorecard applications : Balanced scorecard infopads

Balanced scorecard infopads

The Balanced Scorecard application contains four two-dimensional infopads: Finance, Customer, Internal, and Innovation/Growth. First, you must define the infopads with the proper rule file syntax. Each infopad is defined for each of the perspectives to hold the KPI values along with worst value, best value, and score slots. One dimension represents the KPIs and another dimension represents the time-axis, for example, months. Each cell in the InfoPad contains 'WorstValue', 'BestValue', 'CurrentValue', 'RelativeWeight', and 'Score' slots. Whenever a business manager changes ‘WorstValue’ or ‘BestValue,’ the corresponding score values are updated automatically using an update rule.
Note: For detailed information about Rules and infopad syntax, see the BPM Events User’s Guide.
* Defining rule file syntax for balanced scorecard infopads