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Developing AppServer Applications
Design and Implementation Considerations : Security considerations

Security considerations

The general security framework for your networking system is governed by security elements associated with your operating system, networking software, file system, application, and database. In addition to these features, the AppServer offers you specific security options.
As you read through this section, consider your security goals. For example, what type of database access do you want to make available for your user community? How much control do you want to exert over individual users' ability to run specific procedures? Do you have a business need to produce audit trail details? This type of appraisal will help you determine whether to implement a tight security model, with strict control over application data, or a loose security model, with fewer access controls. That is, although each security option is unique and independent of other options, the total effect of the options you choose to implement will tend toward a tighter or looser security model.
* Overview of the AppServer security options
* User authentication and authorization
* Database access
* AppServer session access
* Audit trails
* Run-time compilation
* Operating system
* Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)