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Developing AppServer Applications
Design and Implementation Considerations : Security considerations : Overview of the AppServer security options

Overview of the AppServer security options

The following table summarizes the various application-specific security options available.
Table 9. AppServer security considerations
Security consideration
Design strategy
Use the AppServer Connect procedure to validate a user
Limit or prevent client application access to a database
Limit users' access to specific procedures through the EXPORT( ) method
Use the AppServer Connect and AppServer Disconnect procedures to assist in management of audit trails
Protect any executable code that you deploy in source form
Protect the files that you deploy for an AppServer
Provide data privacy over connections to the AppServer and authentication between clients and servers on those connections
The remaining sections on security provide additional information about each of these considerations.
For information about developing these features, see Programming the AppServer. Also, for more information about standard ABL security features, see OpenEdge Development: Programming Interfaces.