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Developing AppServer Applications
Design and Implementation Considerations : Security considerations : AppServer session access

AppServer session access

You can publish entry points (remote procedure pathnames) that control access to an AppServer session at run time using the EXPORT( ) method on the SESSION handle. Publishing an export list limits the remote procedures that a client application can execute to those that you specify with this method. Because this is a run-time operation, you can change the list at any time that your application requires, and you can reset the list to empty, allowing access to the entire set of procedures available from the current AppServer PROPATH setting.
However, setting this list applies only to the AppServer session in which you execute the EXPORT( ) method. This means that you might have to manage the list differently in your application depending on the operating mode that you configure for the AppServer.
Note: As this is a context management problem, the only way to effectively manage this kind of information for a session-free AppServer is to maintain your own context database for it. Therefore this section applies only to session-managed AppServers.
For more information on setting and resetting entry points in an AppServer session, see Programming the AppServer .
* Operating mode interactions
* How to set and reset an export list for each operating mode
* State-reset operating mode
* State-aware operating mode
* Stateless operating mode
* State-free operating mode