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Web Services Adapter Administration : Deploying and Managing OpenEdge Web Services : Changing the Web service deployment directory

Changing the Web service deployment directory

As described in Configuring a Web Services Adapter Installation you might want to move the location of the sample WSA Web application that is installed with OpenEdge to avoid any dependency on the OpenEdge installation. You also might want to specify a separate Web service deployment directory for a given WSA instance for the same reason, especially if you continue to use the sample Web application in its initial OpenEdge installation location. Otherwise, if you upgrade or re-install OpenEdge and do not manually backup them up, you can lose your current deployed Web services during the upgrade.
You can change the deployment directory for all Web services deployed to a given WSA instance by modifying the Web application descriptor file (web.xml). For a description of this file, see the information on the WSA as a Web application in the Managing the Web Services Adapter This file is initially installed at the following OpenEdge installation location for the WSA sample Web application:
Note: These instructions assume that you have not changed the sample WSA Web application directory from its installed location.
To specify a new deployment location for the Web services of a WSA instance:
1. Open the web.xml that defines the WSA servlet instance for editing in a text editor.
2. Locate the following XML in the file by searching for "deploymentDir" within the servlet definition for your WSA instance. For example:
    <display-name>Web Services Adapter servlet 1</display-name>
    <!-- Enter an optional description of the Web Services Adapater
         servlet and uncomment this element if supported by the JSE
    <description>Web Services Adpater servlet 1</description>
    . . .
    <!-- To change the deployment directory from the default,
         uncomment this parameter and set the value to the correct
    . . .
3. Remove the XML comment tags around the <init-param> element and specify the new deployment directory as the <param-value> element value (C:/work/deployment/).
4. Save and close the file with the new information.
5. If you have any existing deployed Web services for this WSA instance, move the existing WSA instance directory to the new deployment directory. For example, if the WSA instance directory is wsa1, move the entire directory subtree to the new deployment directory as follows, using the appropriate operating system commands:
OpenEdge-Install-Directory/servlets/wsa/wsa1/*® C:/work/deployment/wsa1/*
6. Restart the Java container or Web server.
You can now deploy and otherwise manage Web services for the WSA instance wsa1.