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Web Services Adapter Administration : Managing the Web Services Adapter

Managing the Web Services Adapter

The Web Services Adapter (WSA) is a Java servlet running within a Java container. You can manage the WSA using the Unified Broker framework, including OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer, WSAMAN utility, and the WSACONFIG utility. The WSA serves as the gateway and management engine for your Web service. It provides user access to the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file, supports all required Web service administration, and manages the exchange of Web service Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) requests and responses between the Web service and Web service clients at run time.
You must configure the WSA and create and configure WSA instances before you can deploy Web services to them.
The WSA includes extensive security features, which this chapter introduces, but for more detailed information on WSA security, see Web Services Adapter Security Configurations.
* Customizing the Timeout parameter for Web Service Adapter (WSA)
* WSA administration architecture
* Defining a Web application for the WSA
* Creating one or more WSA instances
* Starting and testing a WSA instance
* Configuring and managing a WSA instance