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Web Services Adapter Administration : Configuring a Web Services Adapter Installation

Configuring a Web Services Adapter Installation

After OpenEdge is installed, you might have to perform one or more post-installation configuration tasks for the Web Services Adapter (WSA) in order to deploy OpenEdge Web services. You can configure the WSA at three different levels:
1. The Web application level of the Java container where the WSA is installed. You can define multiple Web applications, each of which can run multiple instances of the WSA.
2. The WSA instance level of a single Java container Web application. Here, you can specify parameters that affect the Java container environment and execution of a single WSA instance.
3. The WSA instance within the OpenEdge environment. Here you can manage the OpenEdge side of WSA creation and execution, using the Unified Broker framework.
* Moving the WSA sample Web application
* Configuring the Java container to recognize the WSA
* Tuning the Java container to handle large Web service messages
* Modifying the WSA's default Web service security settings
* Enabling the WSA for HTTPS client connections
* Installing WSA on a DMZ server