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WebSpeed Administration : Configuring WebSpeed in Windows : Managing the WebSpeed Transaction Server : AppServer Refresh
AppServer Refresh
The Application Server (AppServer) Refresh enhancement allows the users to trim and restart individual agents gradually to allow new agents to replace older agents. Users can issue a -refreshcommand form ASBMAN or WTBMAN to perform the refresh action. The refresh operation tries to maintain run-time capacity at equal to or greater than what it was at the time refresh started. AppServer Refresh can help perform the following actions:
*Reload r-code
*Trim file system allocation
*Recover process memory
Note: The refresh action may take considerable time to finish and if you are using the App Server Refresh feature to load new r-code, you should be aware that the clients that were connected to the App Server, before the refresh action was performed, will have two versions of the r-code between the CONNECT and DISCONNECT calls. All the clients that connect after the refresh is performed will get new agents and will run new r-code.
For information on how to issue a refresh command and other details, refer to ASBMAN and WTBMAN.