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WebSpeed Administration : Configuring WebSpeed in Windows : Managing the WebSpeed Transaction Server

Managing the WebSpeed Transaction Server

The WebSpeed Transaction Server is a background process and, as such, does not present a visual interface to the administrator. However, you can manage the Transaction Server with the WTBMAN utility, and you can validate its properties in the file with the WSCONFIG utility. The WTBMAN utility commands can run remotely; the WSCONFIG utility commands only run locally.
In addition to allowing you to start, query, or stop the Transaction Server, the WTBMAN utility enables you to do the following:
*Start additional agents
*Trim the number of agents
*Perform an AppServer Refresh
*Stop the Transaction Server
*Display command-line help
* Dynamically starting additional agents
* Trimming running agents
* AppServer Refresh
* Stopping the WebSpeed broker
* Accessing help on WTBMAN