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Using the Driver : Configuring and Connecting to Data Sources

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Configuring and Connecting to Data Sources

After you install the driver, you configure data sources to connect to the database. See "Getting Started" for an explanation of different types of data sources. The data source contains connection options that allow you to tune the driver for specific performance. If you want to use a data source but need to change some of its values, you can either modify the data source or override its values at connection time through a connection string.
If you choose to use a connection string, you must use specific connection string attributes. "See Using a Connection String" and "Connection Option Descriptions" for an alphabetical list of driver connection string attributes and their initial default values.
* Configuring the Product on UNIX/Linux
* Configuring the Product on macOS
* Data Source Configuration on Windows
* Using a Connection String
* Using a Logon Dialog Box