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Connecting Using a Data Source
To connect using a data source, DataDirect Test needs to access a JNDI data store to persist the data source information. By default, DataDirect Test is configured to use the JNDI File System Service Provider to persist the data source. You can download the JNDI File System Service Provider from the Oracle Java Platform Technology Downloads page.
Make sure that the fscontext.jar and providerutil.jar files from the download are on your classpath.
To connect using a data source:
1. From the main Test for JDBC Tool window menu, select Connection / Connect to DB via Data Source. The Select A Datasource window appears.
2. Select a data source from the Defined Datasources pane. In the User Name and Password fields, type values for the User and Password connection properties; then, click Connect. For information about JDBC connection properties, refer to your driver's connection property descriptions.
3. If the connection was successful, the Connection window appears and shows the Connection Established message in the JDBC/Database Output scroll box.
Connection window