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Using Hybrid Data Pipeline : Creating data sources with the Web UI : Supported data stores

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Supported data stores

The parameters used to create a Hybrid Data Pipeline data source vary across supported data stores. See the topics listed in this table to review parameters specific to supported data stores.
*For connectivity using a third party JDBC driver, see Using third party JDBC drivers with Hybrid Data Pipeline and JDBC parameters for third party drivers .
*For connectivity to REST services, see Creating and using REST data sources and Autonomous REST Connector parameters.
Data store
Supported Connection Parameters
Amazon Redshift
Apache Hadoop Hive
Autonomous REST Connector
JDBC third party
Google Analytics
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft SQL Server
MySQL Community Edition
MySQL Enterprise
Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua)
Oracle Sales Cloud
Oracle Service Cloud
Progress OpenEdge
Progress Rollbase
Salesforce-based data sources
Sybase ASE