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Administering Hybrid Data Pipeline : Authentication : Integrating external authentication with a Java plugin

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Integrating external authentication with a Java plugin

Hybrid Data Pipeline supports external authentication services through a Java authentication plugin. The following general steps must be followed to implement authentication with a Java plugin.
Note: If running Hybrid Data Pipeline in FIPS mode, the Java authentication plugin must be FIPS compliant. In addition, the plugin should be tested with FIPS mode enabled before moving to a production environment.
1. Build a Java plugin that implements the Java authentication plugin interface using the authjavaplugin.jar file provided in the product package.
2. Add the Java plugin to the Hybrid Data Pipeline environment.
3. Register a Java plugin authentication service.
4. Configure a Hybrid Data Pipeline user account to authenticate end user credentials against the Java plugin authentication service.
* Building a Java plugin for external authentication
* Adding a Java authentication plugin to a Hybrid Data Pipeline environment
* Registering a Java plugin authentication service
* Configuring user accounts for Java plugin authentication