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Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Reference : WebSpeed Workshop and WebTools

WebSpeed Workshop and WebTools

WebSpeed Workshop is a browser-based, server-side utility that consists of a set of tools called WebSpeed WebTools.
You can access WebSpeed Workshop directly from Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge when you are in the OpenEdge Server perspective. Right-click on a WebSpeed Server in the Server view and select Launch WebSpeed Workshop from the context menu. You will see a menu of the available WebTools in a browser that appears in the console area of the perspective.
You can also access WebSpeed Workshop from an external browser by specifying the Workshop URL, using the following format:
where messenger can be cgiip.exe, wsisa.dll, wsasp.dll, or wsnsa.dll depending on what Web server you are using.
WebSpeed Workshop has its own help system. You can also learn more about the individual WebTools utilities in OpenEdge Getting Started: WebSpeed Essentials in the OpenEdge Product documentation.