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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Developing a visual container : Working with UI controls : Defining properties and appearance : Using the Properties view : Viewing properties and events in the Properties view
Viewing properties and events in the Properties view
The field at the top of the Properties view identifies the selected object by its name and the name of the class of which it is an instance. In the case of an inherited object, the name of the parent class appears as a prefix. This field is blank if multiple objects are selected. Properties for the selected object are displayed on the Propertiestab in a two-column grid. Each row is a name-value pair, with the name of the property on the left and its current value on the right.
Similarly, events are displayed on the Events tab in a two-column grid. On this tab, the left column shows the supported events for the selected object, and the right column shows the event method, if any, that is triggered when the event is raised.
When you select a property or event in the grid, by default, a brief description of its purpose appears in a text area at the bottom of the Properties view. If you prefer to suppress this feature, right-click anywhere in the view below the toolbar and select Description from the context menu. You can toggle the option on again in the same way.