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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Tasks : Developing a visual container : Working with UI controls : Defining properties and appearance : Using the Properties view : Setting Property values in the Properties view
Setting Property values in the Properties view
Note: This topic discusses only the Properties tab of the Properties view. Refer to Coding event logic for instructions pertaining to event handling.
You edit property values directly in the right column of the grid. The technique for specifying a value depends on the property:
*Text entry - Many properties take a user-defined string or integer as a value. To enter a value, you simply click in the cell and type.
*Selection tool - Other properties let you use either a drop-down list or a custom editor or browser to select valid options. In these cases, when you click in the value cell, a button with a down arrow or an ellipsis appears at the right. Click the button to launch the selection tool.
Depending on the control, one or more custom designers may also be available. If so, by default, the text area at the bottom of the Properties view includes links that you can click to launch these tools. If you prefer to suppress these links, right-click anywhere in the view below the toolbar and select Commands from the context menu. You can toggle the display of the links on again in the same way.
Values are saved and take effect immediately. Any values that you enter (changing the default setting) appear in bold print, making it easy to see where you have made changes.
Note: If you set the Language property of a form to any value other than Default, you cannot add controls to the form.
Undoing property value changes
The Undo and Redo options are not available in the Properties view. However, after making changes, you can reset properties to their default values. To do so, select the property that you want to reset and click Reset on the Properties view toolbar.