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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Compiling, testing, and running ABL programs : Finding references to ABL constructs : Using the Search view
Using the Search view
The Search view displays the search results of ABL construct references in an ABL file, project, or workspace. You can view it in the following modes:
*Tree mode: This is the default mode of the Search view and is similar to the Project Explorer view. The references found in each file are grouped and displayed under the first code block (method or procedure). Results with more than one matching reference are grouped and displayed as a single node, instead of showing a different node for each matching reference, and the total number of matching references in that node is displayed in the label.
*List mode: To change the Search view mode to a list mode, select the drop-down arrow on the view’s toolbar and select Show as List. In this mode, all the matching references are displayed in a list form. The label displays the file in which the match was found, separated with a hyphen.
The Search view toolbar has the following controls:
Show Next Match
Displays the next matching reference in the view.
Show Previous Match
Displays the previous matching reference in the view.
Show Previous Searches
Displays the previous search results.
Deletes the selected entry from the view.
Remove All
Deletes all the entries from the view.
Collapse All
Collapses all the currently expanded entries and displays only the top-level data elements.
Expand All
Expands all the top-level data elements in the view.
Search Again
Starts a new search process.